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Greg and Gerry Howard

Subheading: About Greg

Greg Howard was born in Chillicothe, Ohio and grew up in Cheshire, Ohio, son to a Pipefitter foreman, WWII veteran and a Mom who worked at Wright Patterson before marriage and helped raise 6 children of which Greg is the next to oldest.

Greg graduated from Kyger Creek High school and went to Ohio State University graduating with a BS in Civil Engineering. During winter college breaks, Greg would run a trap line for muskrat and fox while grouse hunting. Summer work and trapping helped pay for college expenses.

He has worked as a mechanical/civil construction engineer on power plants as well as hazardous remediation projects on government bases. He has worked as far north as Maine, out west in Nebraska and down south in Florida, most of which were union projects. He has also been a self-employed contractor doing site work, foundations, roads and underground utilities.

These days, Greg and his wife Gerry run a small farm in Meigs County. They also manufacture the Gibson Ridge Portable Egg Washer.

Having their own farm, they saw a need. After washing thousands of eggs by hand, they knew that small egg farmers could use something to make their lives more efficient. Thus they forged ahead to get their portable egg washer into production and for sale to other farmers like themselves.

Greg and Gerry Howard settled in Albany, Ohio in 1995. They attend Church at Albany Baptist Church.


Subheading: What Greg Believes

Greg Howard wants to go to Congress so he can have a chance to lobby for the American public and to help them have a better life. He wants to put Congress back on the path of serving the public, instead of serving the corporations.

Greg has watched how people have been thrown aside for corporate profit with little concern for their lifestyle and health. He feels that the focus needs to be shifted back to the people starting with bringing jobs back to the United States .

Greg would like to see small businesses supported so they get a foothold again, putting money back into the local economy and people’s pockets instead of lining the coffers of corporations, who in turn are electing officials that support their agendas. Entrepreneurs should be encouraged, offering tax breaks to both small business and entrepreneurs while giving less tax breaks to large corporations.

Greg believes that everyone is entitled to an education that they can use for the rest of their life, not just be pushed through school to help data show that school systems have high rates of graduation.

He also believes that everyone should be entitled to health care as part of their right as a U.S. citizen. The Affordable Care Act is a start, but with working together by both parties, it could be something great for the American public.

Greg and Gerry Howard own a small farm in Meigs County that is certified organic by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). They believe that everyone deserves to have fresh, nutritious, GMO free food available to feed themselves and their families. Prevention of disease is more important than treating symptoms after disease has invaded one’s life, another reason our health insurance premiums are so astronomical. Insurance companies don’t want you to stay healthy or they would offer more incentives to keep you healthy.

As for his view of Social Security and Medicare, the American people paid for it. It is not an entitlement, it’s a right. The American people put the money in and they, and only they, should be able to take it out.



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