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1. Controlling Money in Politics

The Supreme Court decision, Citizens United VS FEC, of 2010 has allowed corporations to flood the political scene with money.  This drowns out the voices of individuals and effectively silences them.  No longer is it “one person, one vote.” The “We the People" Amendment to the Constitution (House Joint Resolution 29) will overturn the Citizens United decision, allowing government to operate as it should and not be controlled by special interests.

Government is not broken; it is “fixed”.  It is working just as “Big Money” intends.

Corporations load our media with advertisements supporting what they want, and what creates more profit for them.  Under the Citizens United VS FEC ruling, reforms dealing with problems like skyrocketing healthcare costs, Wall Street banks, and Energy Policy are only possible if they benefit the huge corporations that are bankrolling the elections.

This must stop.  Corporations are not Persons.  Money is not Free Speech.

The “We the People” Amendment to reverse this decision must make it out of Congress so it can be ratified by the states.  Eleven states have already sent resolutions (four more in progress) to Congress asking for this amendment.  

Click Here to read the "We the People" Amendment

Greg Howard will sponsor and promote the “We the People” amendment to get corporate money out of politics, end "corporate personhood", and restore Democracy.

2. Monetary Reform

The Chicago Plan, in the form of National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act, has been introduced in the last two Congresses.  This Plan is necessary to restore Congress’s Constitutional authority over the creation of money.  Money would then be controlled by the government and created as an asset, not debt.  Our government could invest in the national infrastructure, inflation could be controlled, and the National Debt could be paid off. The “too big to fail, too big to jail” banks would no longer control the economy.  This system was originally instituted under President Lincoln (Green Backs) to pay for the Civil War.

 For a quick explanation of how the money system works watch Victoria Grant:

The Public Banking Institute Presents Victoria Grant

For more in depth research go to:
The American Monetary Institute

When Henry Ford, Sr., learned how the Federal Reserve System worked he said, "It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be revolution before tomorrow morning."

Greg Howard will sponsor reintroduction of the NEED Act.

3. Employment

The next “Honda Plant” is not coming to you.  We cannot wait on large corporations to supply jobs.  Start networking with other people of like interest.  Figure out what is needed in your area that you could supply and then, supply it.  I would welcome investment and promote people capital for industry.

…Entrepreneurship:  Should be encouraged through education and the tax code.  Many people would start a micro/small business if they could afford health insurance.  Medicare for all will be great for large and small business alike.

…Value added:  Coal, Natural Gas, Timber, meat, vegetables any resource.  Value added processes should be encouraged as close to the source as possible.

…Worker co-operatives:  Restaurants, Bakers, Engineer Procure Construct, Land Owner Timber management to finished product, most any business can be a worker cooperative.  Pool resources and get started now. Our government, nonprofits, and existing Cooperatives should supply Information, offer mentoring seminars and seed money, if appropriate.

Knowledge is power.

The standard political rhetoric and actions are not getting the job done. Unemployment stands at 7%. If you count those who are not receiving benefits or underemployed, it stands at 22%. Funds for retraining workers are necessary in the short term, but the root of the problem needs to be addressed. Our politicians act like they are clueless. The Powell memo has led to ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), The Business Round Table and ultimately control of Congress by special Interests. Our economic problems are 40 years in the making and will take policy changes and the elimination of the laws passed for special interest groups.

For further explanation please go to: How the Powell Memo promoted special interests

Exposing the American Legislative Exchange Council

Our current Congress has worked diligently at keeping unemployment high. High unemployment equates to high corporate profits. News releases on record profits are common.

Greg Howard will work to make this information available
and sponsor legislation where needed.

4. Infrastructure

…Broadband:  High-speed broadband is a necessity, not a luxury.

The fast internet, Gigabit system, does not exist in District 6 or anywhere in Ohio. Chattanooga, Tennessee and Baton Rouge, Loiusiana are examples of this system.  We should work to build municipal/public systems to give our local entrepreneurs design employment.  The private sector is not getting it done.

CLICK HERE to see how Chattanooga is accomplishing this.

…Highway and Bridge upgrades to the township level.  Many of our state, county and township bridges have been derated.  This limits growth at the grass roots.  We need a program to bring them up to Highway Standard.  Monetary reform can make this happen.   

Greg Howard will promote this in Congress and help
sponsor Monetary Reform (The NEED Act ).

5. Energy

…Solar:  The cost of solar installation by others has a ten year pay back.  Do it yourselfers would see payback in four years.  Solar panels have a life of 25 years.  This work is local everywhere.

…Hydrogen: Jobs also --conversion of gasoline and diesel engines to dual fuel.  Solar panels, biomass, natural gas can all be used to make hydrogen.   Toyota is on track to market fuel cell cars in 2015.  The fueling stations need to be built.  The next peak on gasoline is predicted to be $7.00/gal.  Hydrogen production is sustainable and, if hydrogen generators are mass produced, Hydrogen will be cheaper than carbon-based fuels.

The Oil and Natural Gas industry is currently working on developing the Marcellus, Utica , and other Shales.  This is the last of it in the East.  The condensates, ethylene, oil are needed for plastics.  The carbon can be stripped out of natural gas for use in composites (like Boeing’s new planes) and the Hydrogen (what is left) used for fuel.  Peak oil is past.  We must plan for, and build, the future energy solutions.

Greg Howard will work to put the incentives in place to develop
the next generation of automotive fuels so that the public will be able
to reduce their transportation costs and breathe clean air.

6. Agriculture

…Farm Bill:  Subsidies should be tied to cover crops and other practices that conserve the soil for future generations. Once these become common practices, subsidies would no longer be needed for farmers.  David Brandt’s method of cover cropping between cash crops saves farmers money with better yields.

READ MORE about how David Brandt is saving money and getting a better yield.

The recently passed Farm Bill subsidizes corn syrup and alcohol production more than it does small farmers.  If a farmer made a million dollars, he or she would still qualify for farm subsidies.  Quality food production needs to be incentivized. Nutrition levels per USDA data have fallen drastically since 1960.  This directly impacts health and productivity affecting not only medical costs, but productivity of our current population, as well as future generations to come.  

Greg Howard will sponsor changes to the Farm Bill to reduce costs to where they should be while improving agricultural practices and the quality of our food supply.

7. Education

…High School:  Every student should get Home Economics (made from scratch not a box), Metal & Wood Shop and computer science as part of the base curriculum.

… Higher Education:  The costs of higher education and the debt students are incurring need to be reduced.  The pay-it-forward system that Oregon is instituting shows promise and should be investigated further to see how it could work nationwide.  Policy changes are fundamental to lowering costs.

Good public schools and accessible quality education are necessary for equal opportunity and for democracy itself. Greg Howard is committed to both.

Greg Howard does not, and will not, support privatization of public schools.

8. Free Trade Agreements

The purpose of “Free Trade Agreements” is to lower US workers’ wages.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) promised 200,000 US jobs. Estimates on the US job losses range from 500,000 to 800,000. It gave tax incentives to move jobs and capital out of the US. It is used as leverage in wage negotiations against workers. It gave the US Global Corporations NATION status. It has not helped Mexico either. Cargill and other corporations sued Mexico for imposing tariffs on corn syrup imports. The corporate chosen court awarded Cargill alone $77,000,000. US cheap commodities displaced millions of jobs in Mexico, leading to the illegal immigration problem. Mexico is now a net food importer. On the anniversary of NAFTA, there were mass demonstrations in Mexico. Our trade deficit with Mexico and Canada has grown larger under NAFTA.

More about NAFTA in this Public Citizen report (PDF)

Mexicans March To Oppose NAFTA, Defend Their Oil

NY Times Opinionator

Main Street has not received the benefits. Wall Street has.

The Trans Pacific Partnership should not be fast tracked or become law. It will accelerate the decline of the middle class. It will cost jobs and lower wages.

As Congressman, Greg Howard will support our own economy by opposing “Free Trade Agreements” and supporting “Fair Trade”


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